TAIPEI, March 28, 2017 – Medeon Biodesign, Inc., a Taiwan medical device company, is pleased to announce that the Company led and successfully closed the Series A investment of Panther Orthopedics, Inc., a San Jose, CA start-up pioneering innovative dynamic fixation solutions for orthopedic extremity applications.

The orthopedic extremity device market continues to expand rapidly, primarily due to procedure volume growth, lifestyle influences and favorable demographics. Nevertheless, the market need for better fixation products for both trauma and sports medicine in fracture fixation and joint stabilization applications is still under served. “Current options for fixation include cortical screw and suture button flexible fixation devices. However, many limitations associated with currently marketed products are not being addressed,” said Dr. Kathryn Stecco, CEO and co-founder of Panther Orthopedics. “We have developed an innovative platform for dynamic extremity fixation, which we believe will provide continuous compression during the healing period while still allowing micromotion. The intuitive design of our solutions is easy to use and intended to eliminate the need for most second surgery removal, providing significant benefits for both the patients and the entire healthcare system.”

“We are excited to lead the investment of Panther Orthopedics to address the long-standing need of better clinical fixation during the healing period for orthopedic extremity applications,” said Dr. Yue-Teh Jang, CEO of Medeon Biodesign. “We are impressed with the team’s extensive experience, profound knowledge of orthopedic applications and broad KOL networking. We are confident that the Panther Orthopedics’ unique and innovative dynamic fixation solutions will be very welcome by the clinical community in the near future.”