Dr. Chih-Hsiung Wu

Dr. Wu currently serves as a Professor Emeritus at Taipei Medical University, Chairman of V-Check Inc., and Superintendent at En-Chu-Kong Hospital. He has also held numerous roles in clinical medicine, medical education and hospital management. In 2022, he was honored with the Taiwan Healthcare Contribution Award, reflecting his significant roles in clinical medicine, medical education, and hospital management. As a self-proclaimed “lifetime physician,” Dr. Wu not only fulfills his duties as a practicing physician, but also diligently supervises and ensures the maintenance of the overall hospital system. His strategic insights based on his extensive medical expertise contribute to the formulation of recommendations, aligning Medeon more closely with the needs of the healthcare system.

After graduating from Taipei Medical University and completing his surgical training at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Dr. Wu went on to receive his Ph.D. from Dokkyo Medical University in Japan.