From Concept to Commercialization:
What Medeon Biodesign Platform Offers

Medeon Biodesign has built an innovation platform that partners with physicians and entrepreneurs to solve unmet medical needs, by bringing innovative ideas from concept to commercialization. With both the resources to fund projects and the capability to execute them, this platform combines the strengths of a traditional medtech VC and those of a medtech development firm.

Once we select a project, we channel a combination of funding, development expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and industry connections to accelerate its development. Our expertise covers every function needed by early stage projects, from design and development, quality and regulatory affairs, to global clinical execution and business development strategy.

Engagement with Leading Medtech Companies

A vibrant medtech innovation ecosystem requires deep and ongoing engagement between leading medtech firms and innovation-focused physicians and entrepreneurs. Medeon has played a crucial role in bringing them together.

Our Production Capabilities

As a leading medical device company with ISO 13485 and GMP certifications, Medeon Biodesign excels in advanced medical device manufacturing capabilities, providing integrated and cost-effective solutions from development to full-scale manufacturing. In addition to driving medical device innovation, Medeon also services the world’s top medtech companies in advanced medical devices production.