Developed by Panther Orthopedics, Inc. (a Medeon Subsidiary), PUMATM presents a novel “dynamic fixation” solution to treat orthopedic extremity injuries.

Unmet Need

Around one million fracture fixation procedures are performed in the United States every year, and the number of procedures continues to grow, primarily due to an aging, obese population and lifestyle influences.

Current treatment options include the implantation of surgical screws and plates, and new suture button flexible fixation devices. Each however suffers from significant shortcomings. Screws and plates carry risks of implant breakage, which would require costly second procedures. Suture button-based solutions, on the other hand, risk the loss of compression needed for healing.

Our Solution

With our PUMATM platform, the innovation lies in the balance it strikes between fixation and motion. Its “dynamic fixation” solution provides continuous compression during the healing phase, and yet allows for physiological micro-motion after healing. PUMATM is not only easy to operate for physicians, it also meets patient needs during different phases of healing. And by reducing the number of implant-removals, it will also significantly reduce overall healthcare costs.

PUMATM is 510(k) cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA), and is in the process of conducting user preference studies and limited commercialization activities in the US.

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