ClickCleanTM gives surgeons a clarity of view throughout laparoscopic surgeries with a simple “click and clean” in-situ cleaning mechanism, significantly reducing the length and risk of laparoscopic procedures.

Unmet Need

Today more than 7.5 million laparoscopic surgical procedures are performed globally each year, and each is routinely interrupted by blood, fat, smoke, and debris accumulating on the lens and compromising the surgeon’s visual field.

Currently, cleaning a soiled laparoscope lens requires a long series of steps - pause, remove the scope, clean the lens, warm the scope in hot sterile water, reinsert, and reposition at the prior surgical location - steps that a surgeon may need to repeat up to 20 times. Multiplied by 7.5 million procedures, and this adds up to sizeable losses in productivity and potential risk to patients.

Our Solution

ClickCleanTM is a single use, disposable device that instantly restores the surgeon's clarity of view, in-situ and without needing to remove the scope. The design sheaths the laparoscope and covers the lens with a clear film. As the visual field is soiled by blood and debris, a simple click will advance clean film over the distal end, giving the surgeon a clear unobstructed view.

ClickCleanTM is 510(k) cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA) and has successfully demonstrated its simplicity, ease-of-use and clinical value in numerous clinical cases throughout the US.

Surgeons using ClickCleanTM have commented on...

  • A clear field of view is instantly restored with a simple click
  • Significant reduction in surgical delays
  • Reduced risk of scope damage and nosocomial infections
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